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Training Designed with You + Baby in Mind

These sessions are for Mom's to be. No Post Natal Clients at this time. 

Main Focus: posture, alignment, strengthen (legs, back, arms, pelvic floor)

We will focus on strengthening your body so birth and pregnancy are as easy as possible. That means we work on your legs so you can carry the additional weight and feel confident as you grow. We will work on your back so you can maintain posture and decrease back pain. We will strengthen your arms so you can hold baby without body aches. We will work on stretching and hip openers to prepare for your birthing event. We will work on strengthening your pelvic floor so your pregnancy is as comfortable as possible and so your recovery after birth is also as easy as possible. 

 Designed for in home training to maximize your comfort.  


  • 28 days to schedule session
  • liability release completion 
  • no refunds
  • must redeem session within 6 month of purchase date

Tardy/Cancellation Policy: 

Running Late?

Let HT know if running more then 5 minutes behind.

Need to Cancel or Reschedule a session?

I hate the word "cancel." I prefer "reschedule."

Here's the difference

Reschedule - you need to cancel a session after it was confirmed AND we  makeup that session within the next 7 days. 

A cancellation is when a session is cancelled AFTER session was confirmed AND you cannot make up the session within 7 days.