10 Moves "OTG" Workout
10 Moves "OTG" Workout
10 Moves "OTG" Workout

10 Moves "OTG" Workout

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10 Moves You can do ANYWHERE, ANYTIME.

Need to workout but don't know what to do?  Use this when you can't think of what to do, need a good calorie burn, and you're tight on time or equipment. Just throw it your fanny pack and go! 

No Excuses!!!


There are 10 Moves. You'll see a picture demonstration as well as a written breakdown for form cues. 

You can do each move for reps & sets OR you can go for time. I like 35 seconds of work followed by a 25 second break. In this case you would do AMRAP (as many rounds as possible). 

Let's Get PHYT!

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