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10 Moves You can do ANYWHERE, ANYTIME.

Need to workout but don't know what to do? This is what this Freebie is made for! Use this when you can't think of what to do, need a good calorie burn, and you're tight on time or equipment. 

No Excuses!!!

Simply ADD TO CART and then check your email! You'll receive your FREE PDF download there. 
Then save in your photos, add to your notes, or email to yourself for safe storage and fast retrieval.


There are 10 Moves. You'll see a picture demonstration as well as a written breakdown for form cues. 

You can do each move for reps & sets OR

you can go for time. I like 35 seconds of work followed by a 25 second break. In this case you would do AMRAP (as many rounds as possible). 


Let's Get PHYT!

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