You need more challenging weights, but can’t find any actual weights? Here’s your solution.

So it is mid July. We’ve been quarantining to some degree since March, and if you’re reading this then you have tried, and failed, at finding weights to add to your home gym. I know! The second the quarantine kicked in, dumbbells, kettlebells, bars, pretty much anything that you’d find in a gym was UNAVAILABLE. That may still be the case, or maybe you are just not interested in spending the money on your own weights because they are quite pricey (now about $2 per pound) and well, heavy! 

In comes resistance bands to the rescue. You may be familiar with the loop resistance bands that you put around your legs to activate the booty. These are great too, but I’m not talking about these!!! I’m talking about resistance bands like THESE. These bands can be used in lieu of a cable machine at the gym. Some of you have no idea what that means...and that’s OKAY! What it means for you, is that you can not only increase the load (adding more weight) to your exercises, you can also expand your exercise rapporteur. Resistance bands even come with an attachment that can hook over the door and provide a range of exercises. For ideas on how to use this kind of resistance band, CLICK HERE

Body Parts you can hit with resistance bands: booty, triceps, abs, biceps, shoulders, abductors… aka EVERYTHINGGGGGG!!!!

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