You gained 5lbs in a day - How to Deal

We’ve all been there. You weigh yourself in the morning, and then a bit later on and all the sudden the scale’s jumped up 5lbs in a matter of hours! How could this be??!!! The truth is that it’s normal to see jumps in total weight throughout the day. There are so many factors, but here are 3 HTIPZ that will help you deal with the madness!! 

  1. Be consistent. Weigh yourself in the morning, before you’ve eaten, and after you’ve used the restroom - always. This gives you the most accurate weighs possible because you’re not holding on to excess food. 
  2. Know your cycle. This is a huge one. As women, our weight can fluctuate dramatically throughout our cycle because around that time we hold onto water weight.  That means if you weigh in “heavy” around your cycle, and you’ve been doing everything “right,” then what you see on the scale, is not necessarily an accurate representation of your work. That’s GOOD news. It means, you can breathe a sigh of relief and keep doing what you’re doing. 
  3. Take a look in the mirror. Yes, I know this is not always what we want to do, but looking at your body can be an excellent indicator of your progress. There’s no one who knows your body better than you! If you are eating clean (consistently) and working out, then you should see changes in your body, even if the scale doesn’t reflect it. That’s because muscle weighs more than fat, and once you start the process of replacing your fat with muscle, as opposed to just shedding fat (tons of cardio) you will see that the scale will not change as drastically - BUT you are still making major gainz!!!

I hope these HITPZ helped you. Shoot me an email at or shoot me a DM @ht_physique for what I should talk about next!