Want results fast? Do these 3 things now!


You want results fast? Then there are some things you'll want to consider changing in terms of your diet. I am not a big fan of all or nothing, so think of this is a temporary break. Try 28 days like this and then a week or two off where you see how your body feels, and dabble in whatever sinful cheats you wish. Here are my top 3 HTIPZ on what you need to DROP in order to see results faster. 
  1. Drop the bread - it's cheap, low in nutrient density and most likely a source of unnecessary sugar and calories. 
  2. Forget the sodas and the juices - these are a huge waste of calories and typically are just liquid sugar. Some of these sodas and juices have upwards of 40g of sugar in one serving. That's a NO NO. Replace with zero calorie carbonated water if you must have something. 
  3. Avoid Alcohol - this is the definition of an empty calorie. There is no fat, no protein, and no carbohydrates in alcohol, but there are 69 calories in every shot, not to mention the syrups and chasers we are using in order to make it bearable. Take a break from alcohol and see how you feel. You're going to love it and so will your wallet!!

Every single one of these items are either empty or unnecessary calories. You don’t need them. They serve no true purpose. And your results will come twice as fast if you drop them. So now that you know this, you have a choice. Do you perform actions that align with fat loss goals, or do you go for the temporary satisfaction? It's your choice and either one is fine. But KNOWING is the first step to changing your behavior. Now the power is in your hands!!! 

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