Tight On Time but Want to Sweat?

Tight on time but need a hard ass workout? I know the feeling. The schedule these days is getting crazier and crazier. It seems like since we've kind of come out of the pandemic, everything is going 100mph! Nonetheless physical exercise is a MUST. It's a great way to stay sane through it all. So in the instance you have 30 minutes of time where you need to put in solid work, how do you make it the most bang for your buck? 

Here are my top HTIPZ to setting up your quickie workouts!

ALWAYS warm up, but for this quickie, do a dynamic warm up. That means do full body low intensity moves to get your body moving. Think jumping jacks, arm swing, butt kicks. 

CHOOSE  a FULL BODY MOVE + CARDIO like Battle ropes to get everything rocking. Legs, core, arms, and heart rate.

Energy is highest at the beginning of your workout, so do your HARDEST MOVE FIRST - Hip Thrusts, or Leg Press. Pull up or Bent over rows. 

Having balance between your right and left side is crucial to your body’s longevity so make sure you do SINGLE SIDED WORK like this Split Lunge

And of course, always

ADD IN ABS like these Ball Crunches

If you want more workout HTIPZ like this, drop me a comment below. Or become a part of the PHYT Fam. Come check out the PHYT Gym in LA or join one of my online PHYT Programs. Just head to the link in bio or HTPHYSIQUE.COM