Fat Loss vs Weight Loss

Now a days everyone is talking about losing weight.  As a PHYTness Professional in the Los Angeles area, "I want to lose 10lbs," is a common goal I hear. Contrary to popular belief how MUCH you weigh isn't necessarily indicative of your fitness level, your health, or your physical appeal. You should be looking at your BODY COMPOSITION, which tells you what you're really made of.

You'll answer questions like: What percentage of my bodyis lean muscle mas? 

What percentage of my body is fat? Am I balanced? And much much more. 

As I tell my PHYT Food clients, "Numbers Don't lie" Once you know this info you can adjust your behavior to see results that align with your goals. 


 Okay. So we get it. Fat loss is the goal as opposed to weight loss, But HOW do you actually DO that?!

Here are my top 3 HTIPZ to drop fat, and gain/retain lean muscle for that strong, toned, and lean look. 

  1. LIFT HEAVY vs Doing High Rep counts - Lifting weights makes your muscle more dense. When muscle become more dense, they take up less space. So this is why you hear to progressively increase your weight over time. 
  2. EAT MORE PROTEIN - This is huge. And not because protein is the most important thing, but because our diets these days tend to lean towards a high carb diet. Think about all of your "snacks." These are typically pastries, cookies, sodas, juices... all carbs. Our muscles are made of protein so we need to fee them what they want. A BONUS HTIP to get more protein: incorporate a (vegan) protein shake. Learn more about this in my 8 part self guided series PHYT Food.
  3. STAY ACTIVE - this is a given, but you must get active. MOVE THAT BODY!!! It doesn't have to be lifting weights in the gym, or running. It can include hiking, biking, skating, Aim to workout more days in the week than not. That means 4 days you do something active for at least 30 minutes.

If you want to understand these concepts more deeply, then join the self guided PHYT Food Program. I'll teach you about food, how to control it, how to reduce bloat, and get results twice as fast. I'll give back your power. You will be in control, not the food.

You will feel lighter, less bloated, more in control, and closer to your goals.

Let’s Get PHYT!