Take your workouts outside - Here's How

So by now you know you need to workout consistently, whatever that is for you. And you also know that being outside in the sun is good for you. Problem is, whenever you workout outside, you arrive at your spot and you are....uninspired. you find it difficult to push through your workout.
Here are the top 3 HTIPZ on taking your workouts outside.
  • USE YOUR ENVIRONMENT - Meaning stairs can be used for step ups, benches are perfect for ab work and pushups, long pathways are for walking lunges. The options are endless!!
  • TAKE THE D - Vitamin D!! Being outdoors is the best way to get your Vitamin D naturally - from the sun. You need at least 10 Minutes a day with no sunglasses in order to get a sufficient amount, so a workout is perfect!!
  • SET IT UP - The rules that is! If you’re going for a run, hit 10 squats or 10 pushup at every other corner. If you’re going to do a circuit style workout, plan it out. Know what exercises you are going to do before you start. That way there is No Time Wasted!
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