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It takes a lot to build muscle and drop fat. So why not make it easier by straightening up the nutrition piece? You already know what you SHOULD be eating:  Whole Foods, fruits, and veggies…because that’s the truth.  But here are 3 items that I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT!!!  1. Olive Oil Spray - this stuff is great. It’s zero calories so when I’m planning on having a high fat day (Mac and cheese, ice cream, pizza) then I’ll make sure I use the spray so as not to overdose the fat calories.  2. Crunk Scramble ingredients stay stocked!! That means eggs, egg whites, goat cheese, avocado, and minced garlic. When I run low on these items, I go to the grocery store...

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What should you be looking for in a protein bar?

Okay, so you know you need to supplement your protein intake. What should you be looking for? The answer really depends on your goals. If you are looking to build lean muscle and drop fat you want a bar that reflects that. Below you will find my top 3 protein bars, my favorite flavor and the best part - the macros (nutrient facts).  One Bar - This is my FAVORITE protein bar. The flavors they have are amazing. My top 2 are Cinnamon Roll and White Chocolate Truffle. The Macros: 220-230 cal, 20g Protein, 24g Carbs, 9g Fat, 1g Sugar  Think Bar - When I run out of OneBars, and need a more widely available protein bar, this is my...

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