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It takes a lot to build muscle and drop fat. So why not make it easier by straightening up the nutrition piece? You already know what you SHOULD be eating:  Whole Foods, fruits, and veggies…because that’s the truth.  But here are 3 items that I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT!!!  1. Olive Oil Spray - this stuff is great. It’s zero calories so when I’m planning on having a high fat day (Mac and cheese, ice cream, pizza) then I’ll make sure I use the spray so as not to overdose the fat calories.  2. Crunk Scramble ingredients stay stocked!! That means eggs, egg whites, goat cheese, avocado, and minced garlic. When I run low on these items, I go to the grocery store...

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You gained 5lbs in a day - How to Deal

We’ve all been there. You weigh yourself in the morning, and then a bit later on and all the sudden the scale’s jumped up 5lbs in a matter of hours! How could this be??!!! The truth is that it’s normal to see jumps in total weight throughout the day. There are so many factors, but here are 3 HTIPZ that will help you deal with the madness!!  Be consistent. Weigh yourself in the morning, before you’ve eaten, and after you’ve used the restroom - always. This gives you the most accurate weighs possible because you’re not holding on to excess food.  Know your cycle. This is a huge one. As women, our weight can fluctuate dramatically throughout our cycle because...

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Why You Should Weight Train

Women are constantly bombarded with the idea that they need to be smaller, lose weight, eat healthy, and on top of that, handle everything at home, in the kitchen, and for the kids. NewsFlash - that’s impossible! You can’t do it all AND be a size 2! But that’s okay, because your fitness journey isn’t only about weight loss. It’s about muscle tone and shape - two things you build by weight training.  Contrary to popular belief, you will not bulk up from lifting 10lbs weights. It just won’t happen. In order to “bulk” you have progressively increase your weight. So you wouldn’t be stopping at 10lbs! You’d be going for 15lbs, 20lbs, even 40lbs… The good news is, that...

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