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It takes a lot to build muscle and drop fat. So why not make it easier by straightening up the nutrition piece? You already know what you SHOULD be eating:  Whole Foods, fruits, and veggies…because that’s the truth.  But here are 3 items that I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT!!!  1. Olive Oil Spray - this stuff is great. It’s zero calories so when I’m planning on having a high fat day (Mac and cheese, ice cream, pizza) then I’ll make sure I use the spray so as not to overdose the fat calories.  2. Crunk Scramble ingredients stay stocked!! That means eggs, egg whites, goat cheese, avocado, and minced garlic. When I run low on these items, I go to the grocery store...

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You gained 5lbs in a day - How to Deal

We’ve all been there. You weigh yourself in the morning, and then a bit later on and all the sudden the scale’s jumped up 5lbs in a matter of hours! How could this be??!!! The truth is that it’s normal to see jumps in total weight throughout the day. There are so many factors, but here are 3 HTIPZ that will help you deal with the madness!!  Be consistent. Weigh yourself in the morning, before you’ve eaten, and after you’ve used the restroom - always. This gives you the most accurate weighs possible because you’re not holding on to excess food.  Know your cycle. This is a huge one. As women, our weight can fluctuate dramatically throughout our cycle because...

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The Truth about Detox Diets

Detox diets - we’ve all heard of them. Most of us have done one, or maybe a few! The lemon-cayenne pepper detox is probably the originator of them all. I know I did it for 3 days myself back in college. I went in like most do, thinking it’s the way to jump start my weight loss journey and get on track. And yes, to a degree it did just that. But the second I made it through those 3 days and 5lbs down, I chowed down on some pizza. By the next morning, I was at 2lbs less then my weight before I started the diet. I’m sure you’ve all experienced this. A moment of “YES! I did it!”...

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