Foods for Natural Immunity

Now more then ever we need to pay attention to what we are putting in our bodies. It's time to get knowledgable about what we can put in our bodies to stay healthy and protect ourselves. Here are some #HTIPZ for you and your home cooked food! 


Vitamin E

This fat -soluble vitamin acts as an antioxidant by protecting fatty layers around cells. More people lack this nutrient than any other - 96% of us in fact. Many markers of health and quality of life, including critical thinking and youthful skin, are dependent on vitamin E. Lack of this nutrient also markedly increases the risk for depression and dementia. 


Top Food Sources: Almonds, sunflower seeds, spinach, avocado, and olive oil.

Vitamin D

The deficiency is shockingly widespread. Most North Americans are not getting enough. Hopefully by now, you have started getting outside regularly to soak up the earth's natural source of Vitamin D, sunlight. Sunlight is the original ingredient for creating Vitamin D so we can find it in foods from animals that ate sun-powered grass. You can also find Vitamin D in mushrooms and seaweed. Vitamin D plays a role in a variety of functions from brain efficiency and skin health to strong bones. 


Top Food Sources: Wild salmon, trout, sardines, tuna, pork ribs, eggs, mushrooms


Monounsaturated Fats

These fats are common in the healthy version of the Mediterranean diet. Taking in enough of these fats is correlated with good memory, fat burning, weight maintenance, heart health, mental health, muscle mass, and longevity. All of these are things that you will want to maintain while in this quarantine so make sure you add the following into your diet if not already. 


Top Food Sources: Almonds, macadamias and peanuts, avocado, and olive oil



Thousands of nutrients in plants support the cells in our body. Those called polyphenols help decrease risk of many illnesses, from cancer to heart disease. Because plants use the molecules for protection in similar ways, they tend to be concentrated in the outer layers. 

Top Food Sources: dark chocolate, red and orange fruits and veggies