Essential Liquids

So much emphasis on "essential" things. Essential business, essential workers, how about essential liquids?! YES. These are the liquids that I keep around my house at ALL TIMES. I cannot live my best life if I do not have these. 


1. Water: the most obvious so let’s get it out of the way. You need water. It is the basis of all life. Drink it often. Enough said. 

2. Apple Cider Vinegar: ACV is such a powerful tool. It is the only thing I keep in kitchen AND in the medicine cabinet...I know, sounds strange, but it’s true. ACV boosts metabolism and immunity. I try to ensure I take a shot of apple cider vinegar daily (#HTIPZ throw in your  green juice to cover the taste along with a grapefruit or other citrus fruit). If I’m not tossing it in with my green juice, then I’m putting it in my Wellness Shot. I use ACV to cook my kale, I use it as an ingredient in my salad dressings and coleslaw. ACV also has some magical powers that no one talks about. I find that it works great on anything that’s wrong with my skin, skin tags are GONE with this stuff. So I keep it - always.

3. Olive Oil (also the spray): Everyone has olive oil but do you also have the spray? I cook all my food using olive oil, mostly because I never remember to buy avocado oil, and i can’t stand coconut. Olive oil is great for cooking, body moisture and hair masks. I use olive oil whenever I make my 3 Piece Home Made Chips, as a base in my salad dressings, to cook all my food. When I’m cutting calories, I opt for the spray, because it has, get this, ZERO calories. Yes, amazing. When prepping for a bikini competition, 0 calorie items are God sends!

4. Egg Whites: I cannot live my life without egg whites. For the last 3 years I’ve been eating the Crunk Scramble for breakfast. Whenever I serve it to someone else, the first question they ask me is, “How many eggs are in here?” That is not the right question. The question is how many egg whites did I add? Egg whites are an excellent source of protein. They are composed of ONLY protein, ie they have 0g fat and 0g of carbs. If you are starting to track your macros, this is something you will want to keep in mind moving forward. When your protein intake is low, which it will be, you will need to know foods that fulfill the protein category and egg whites is it. 

5. Chardonnay: Because, BALANCE. Wine is not necessarily essential, but balance is. I don’t personally drink often, but every so often I’ll grab a bottle of wine and kick back. That’s exactly what I’m doing right now actually. It’s a Friday night, I’ve worked and workout OUT hard all week, and tonight I want some wine. No harm in that. If wine is not your thing, that’s fine, do YOUR thing. But get back on track. Remember, your fitness journey will only heed results if you keep doing the RIGHT things ie following the HT Golden Rule: If you can kill or you can grow it, you can eat it. 

If you can’t do either of those ie processed items including wine, then you should stay away! 

Which of these stands out to you the most? Shoot me an email at