Missing Your Regular Massages?

So you’ve been sitting at your desk all day every day and your back hurts?

Or maybe you’ve been on the phone all day and your neck hurts?

What about you’ve been standing all day and your legs are killing you?

And on top of all of that, you can’t get your regular massages and adjustments. 

I know exactly what you are feeling, tight, uncomfortable and theres nothing you can do about it- wrong!

Here are three tools that to ensure that you stay tension free while your recovery services get back on line during these times. 

  1. Pin Point Massager: 
    1. This tool is amazing and you NEED to have one of these in your life. This is how you replace your masseuse. This tool is all about leverage and getting into the muscle just like a masseuse would - apply medium to hard pressure, consistently and you will literally feel the muscle twitch and then release. 
      COST: $
  2. HT Foam Roller
    1. An effective tool for releasing lower body tension throughout the body. Mostly used for leg and lower back. You can also use this for calves, triceps and upper back. I would consider this an essential item if you are working out consistently, or if you tend to have lower back tension. 
      COST: $
      Get your HT Foam Roller  
      WATCH THIS 1 min video on HOW TO ROLL
  3. Massage Gun
    1. This is your luxury recovery item. I own a Hypervolt and I am IN LOVE. This item is great for IT band tension release (the top of your thigh), and chest work. If you have a partner, you can get everywhere with this thing. It is a great tool, but it’s not a cure-all. I find that this used in conjunction with the other two items is a FIRE combo. 
      COST: $$$