EXHALE: Yes, that’s right… Exhale. Every move you do, especially if it’s a categorized as an “abdominal: move, should start with an exhale. The initial exhale forces a contraction of the core, creating tension in the muscle, and forcing it to WORK
  1. SWITCH IT UP: Not all core work has to be a variation of a standard sit up. Doing too much of one thing slows progress. The more often the body performs an activity, the better it becomes at that activity, making the result of repeating that activity null and void. Basically, long term repetition doesn’t enhance effective gainzzz long term. You’ve got to keep your body guessing, and that includes your core!Try adding a medicine ball to your routine. Standing crunches are great too. 
  2. OBLIQUES: What in the world are obliques? Well, imagine your fitness idol, you see those cuts that outline the six pack? THOSE are the obliques. They are the short cut to six pack abs. Focus on these, and you’ll begin to notice a difference in your core appearance. These are the first cuts you’ll begin to see as you flatten, tone, and build your core, so it’s important to add in exercises that work these. 

WANT MORE? check out my videos section for a break down on these three HTIPZ