Home Gym Starter Kit

Starting a home gym? 

Here are my MUST HAVES!!!

Every home gym starts off with only a few pieces and then it grows as the desire for more variety kicks in. You don’t have to go and buy everything under the sun, in fact it’s best to keep it simple. Gym equipment, weights specifically, can be quite pricey. That is why I made this HOME GYM STARTER GUIDE!!!

  1. You need some type of WEIGHT. This can be a set of dumbbells, a kettlebell, or even a weighted ball. My suggestion is a set of dumbbells so you can do leg, arm, and core workouts seamlessly. Having a set of dumbbells allows you to have a heavier weight (using both dumbbells), and a lighter weight option (single dumbbell).
  2. A mat is also a must. Starting out you can definitely use a large towel, but to make your home gym feel more like an actual gym, invest the $15 in a mat. These are great if you have hard wood flooring because they can serve as your makeshift gym floor. They grip the ground so you can avoid slipping and falling, which is always a good idea. 
  3. Next up is a bench? But before you go out and drop a bunch of money on a bench, know that you can also use a chair in lieu of an bench. Now I use an amazing bench by Escape Fitness called The Deck. It is hands down the most versatile bench you can get in a home gym. It has an adjustable height, a storage compartment, and you can even adjust it from being a flat bench used for step ups or tricep dips, into a decline bench used for chest work. This is actually the bench you see me using in all of my workouts if you are a member of The PHYT GYM, my virtual gym. See the Escape Deck in action by clicking HERE
  4. With all that physical effort you are putting in you will need something to help you recover! And that is where the HT Foam Roller comes into play. I know, you are probably wondering why this is on the list, but the reason is because it is the most cost effect tool for releasing muscle tension, recovering faster, easing soreness, and alleviating lower back and leg tightness. If you have any of these issues, you need to have a HT Foam Roller in your life!!! Get yours by clicking HERE