Fun facts about HT!

Hey There! My name is Heather, but you can call me HT for short! I want to take this time to introduce myself! 

A Few fun facts about me, HT.

    • I’m originally from Denver, CO
    • I studied ballet and danced competitively all through high school. This is why I am all about proper form and alignment
    • I’m a pieces - Feb 28th to be exact
    • It’s the purples for me - I love all of them from lavender to deep royal purple
    • I’m right handed, but goofy footed 
    • I love sunsets in nature
    • I like to bike and hike
    • I'm scuba certified
    • I was in HighSchool Musical 2 as a dancer
    • I've been in several music videos for local artists like this one: OMG x Nia Mack x AkaMikeBerry x Adonis DaHottest x Je.Sincere
  • I’m a PHYTness professional located in LA, and all I want to do is get you closer to your goals. If you're located in LA, come visit The PHYT Gym in person. You can work out by yourself or with friends, or you and your trainer can have th space all to yourself. And of course, you can always book a session with me! If you're not in LA, come visit me live! every Sunday HERE for FTR & BBB, a full body workout!!! Do you like to workout by yourself or in a group setting? Comment below!