Eating out on Vacation

Going on vacation and wondering how to maintain clean eating? It can be a challenge, but it's definitely doable. I went to Miami of all places and LOST weight while i was there following my PHYTransformation program. During this program, you take a stack of high quality fat loss products AND you follow a clean carb and protein and natural sugar based diet. This is how i stuck with my program while in the midst of chaos! Below is a video of 5 days worth of eating, an entire vacation, worth of restaurant style food that benefit my fitness goals.

Check out this video for all the yummy and HEALTHY eats I had. 


My main HTIP‘Z when eating out are

  • Keep it simple. Look for protein and veggies. If it's one thing restaurants like to do, it's fill you up on meaningless calories like chips, or bread. Tell them to hold all of that and point you towards the item on the menu that is protein and veggies. 
  • Ask questions. What substitutions can you get? Can you get more veggies? This is important. Often times restaurants can make substitutions for you if you just ask!!!
  • Replace carbs with more vegetables or with black beans, lentils, quinoa, yams, or sweet potato. This is huge. If a meal comes with fries, ask what you can get instead. This is all about properly preparing so you can continue to see success!

If you want more PHYT Kitchen recipes like this one,  drop me a comment below. If you'd like more guidance, join one of my programs. Learn how to leverage food so you can reach your health and fitness goals twice as fast in my PHYTFood Program. 

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