Something my beautiful friend and poetry author, Antonia F said to me today has got me thinking. She said before she came to The PHYT Gym and trained with me, she never saw the importance of working out anything other then the booty. No quads, no hammys, no upper body - nothing but the booty. She would go to workout and do either HiiT or Glutes. 4-5x per week. 

It's like DUHH. Of Course there's more then just the booty - but I'd say a lot of women are doing just that.  You might be one of them! Listen, to the reason she gave as to why she was happy to learn there was more work to be done!

1. LESS PAIN - She said that Working out other parts of her body gave her booty time to rest! Which is always good for the muscles. You are literally spreading out the work. 

2. BETTER RESULTS - She said when she trained other body parts she got better results. How is this possible? This is because when you begin to differentiate the different muscle groups (for ex thigh/front of leg vs hamstring/back of leg) you are doing more targeted workouts. You are zero'd in on that particular muscle group. 

3. The PHYT Method - She said "It works. I love it how it makes me feel...Strong. Feminine, Bad Ass...With a Good Ass!!!" (This is the quote posted on the mirror of The PHYT Gym.  


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