7 Minutes A Day for Higher Productivity & Less Pain

Do you have 2 minutes? YES you do. If you’re reading this, you definitely do. 

I’m going to tell you 2 things that will rock your world. When you wake up in the morning what do you do? Do you roll over, pull out that cell phone and start scrolling? I know I’m definitely guilty of that. Well, tear your eyes from that phone, roll out of bed, and onto the floor. I’m serious! 

This is where the magic happens. Use the next 2 minutes to lay in a twist or a stretch. I tell google, “ Hey Google, Set a 2 min timer,” and repeat until I feel I’m feeling good. I usually stretch for at least 6 min (3 rounds of 2 min a piece). This is going to cut down on lower back tension and hip tightness. You will notice a difference, I guarantee it. 

From here roll from the floor to standing and MAKE YOUR BED!!! Yes! I’m not trying to be your mother here, but making the bed is amazing for your overall productivity. Making your bed signifies to your brain that the day has begun, sleeping is over, and it’s time to work. It helps get you in the right state of mind. 

Here is where you may discover that your bed may need to redecorating in order to accommodate a quick bed making. I tuck my corners and tend to only sleep on one side of the bed so I just retuck a corner, smooth the covers, and restack the pillows. All in less than 2 minutes. I’ve worked really hard to make it easy to make my bed. That may sound crazy to you, but it’s true!!! I say why struggle making my bed. There are other things I need that energy for! 

The Plan

Aim to do these 2 things every day. I promise you will notice a difference. Want to check out my routine and follow along? Check out my recent IGLive! Right HERE