5 stretches for Lower Back Tension Relief

Do you find yourself sitting all day, standing all day, on the phone all day, looking at your phone or computer screen all day? Then you are likely experiencing some level of back pain.

 The truth is we all are, but most of us are not taking care like we should….that’s pretty obvious or else we wouldn’t be in pain! Don’t you agree? If you are a regular at The PHYT GYM, then you stretch regularly, however the five minutes of full body stretching is not as targeted as the 6 Stretches I have for you below. Try 1-2 of these for 5-10 minutes, 2-3 times per week. My suggestion? Roll out of bed, set a timer, and get to relaxing!!


Side Stretch 

Chest Opener

Hamstring Fold Over

Kneeling Back Bend


Hip Opener + Twist

Which of these moves was your favorite? Shoot me an email at htphysique@gmail.com! I’d love to chat! 

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