3 Supplements You Need to Take

Supplements are things you intake that are "supplemental" to your diet, meaning they "add to" or "build upon" what you are already taking into your body. Supplements can range from vitamins, to oils, to protein powders. You don't need it all. Check out what I suggest!

  1. BCAAs (branch chain amino acids). These bad boys are essential amino acids. What this means, is that your body does NOT organically produce these, meaning we need to intake them from other sources.  BCAAs stimulate protein synthesis, which means a faster recovery after a tough workout!
  2. Detox Tea-Yes. That's right. This is a staple in my daily routine.  These keep the bowel movements regular, and no one is mad about that. There are so many different brands of these bad boys, so try them out until you find one that's not too strong, not too weak, but JUST RIGHT! Right now I'm using products from Arbonne.
  3. Water- You may be thinking to yourself, that doesn't count as a supplement.... maybe not, but let's be real. Are you drinking enough water?Chances are YOU ARE NOT! Here's a good test...is there water within reaching distance of you RIGHT NOW? If not, you need MORE water in your life! Don't worry about how many ounces or bottles you should drink per day. I suggest you invest $10 in an insulated water bottle. I got mine at TJ Maxx! And I don't leave home without it...seriously. Staying hydrated is crucial in muscle recovery, but also has advantages in helping your skin glow, AND flush those toxins out!