3 Moves for Abs (no crunches required!)

Do you want abs? Maybe some ab definition? Getting ab cuts isn't only about doing crunches, it's also about eating a clean diet, drinking lots of water, and burning more calories then you consume. This means doing ab workouts that get your heart rate up. Here are three moves for you!

1. STARFISH CRUNCH - start on your back. Bend one leg in with foot flat on floor, and extend your other leg. The leg that is extended will be hovering off of the ground and moving in and out to the chest. You'll be looking to physically tap your knee with your opposite elbow as you exhale. 

2. DOLPHIN CRUNCH - very similar to a regular crunch but a few subtle differences. Your arms should be pretty straight from shoulder joint to wrist. Your palms twist and lock  your arms in place and your triceps should be squeezing your head. Your triceps (back of arm) are acting as a shelf for your head so your neck doesn't feel any pressure. Feet are flat on ground. Exhale as you crunch. They key here is your arms stay attached to your head. Don't let them float from your head. This will make it easier and we don't want easier. We want effective. 
3. ROCKET PLANK - start in a fore arm plank (FA Plank), then tuck your belly. This tuck is crucial. Now push forward. You will feel a lot of pressure in your shoulders and then your ams. Rock back to neutral FA Plank and then push it forward again. You really have to push your limits here AND keep your tummy tucked!

All of these moves you can do at home without any equipment on your own, OR you can do them with me and the PHYT Fam!! We meet Live! every Sunday at 925am pst for PHYT Sundays or you can do your own follow along workout from The (virtual) PHYT Gym! Which of these was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

Which move is your favorite? Let me know on the next PHYT Sundays at The (virtual) PHYT Gym. Click HERE for our next live class!