15 Minute Workouts - Abs

Welcome to Part 1 of a 4 week series all about 15 Minute Workouts. This week's workout is all about those abs! We all want them but no one is sure how to get them. Well let me tell you my top HTIPZ when it comes to actually doing the work so that it's more effective:

  1. Use Your Breath - This is crucial. If you've taken yoga, then you are familiar with what I'm talking about. I always say, "Exhale on the work (the hardest portion) of the exercise. For ab work, that's typically on the LIFTing portion of the exercise.
  2. Crunches do not Equal Abs - That's right. You don't have to do a million crunches to get abs, in fact, that wouldn't work anyway. You can get creative with ab work. Twists are great and doing jumping exercises aka plyo, is also a great way to work your abs without doing crunches.
  3. Count the Quality, Not the Reps - Getting results fast does not mean "do more reps." Getting results fast means doing "more high quality reps." Quality over Reps anyday.

 Check out a condensed version HERE (freeibie OTW)

15 Minutes is the minimum amount of movement you should get in a day, but if that's all you've got, that's all you've got. Let's goooo. Check out the video below!

HOW TO: Complete 30-60 sec of each exercise back to back, rest 1 minute, then repeat AS MANY TIMES AS POSSIBLE in 15 minutes. Your abs will be on fire!

Play video below for demonstration.